July 15, 2018 / 7:05 PM

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Watch Mimi LaRue in Parody, Satire Music Video for New Song 'Country Star'


Packed with explicit lyrics that poke fun at the genre, satire music artist Mimi LaRue has set her sights and humor on the country music world with her latest music video for her parody song, "Country Star." Finding influence in artists like The Lonely Island, Bo Burnham and Weird Al Yankovic, LaRue's crass sense of humor and musical talents combine for some funny lyrics and visuals in this new music video, with plenty of laughs coming at the expense of country music. Watch this new music video here.

Satire and parody music is pretty hit-or-miss, as you can imagine, but LaRue keeps you entertained throughout the entire song, with each new line taking a jab at the ridiculousness of country music. It also doesn't hurt that she's using foul language in the chorus, which is a pretty spot on examination of the kind of tunes that country artists make.

While country is her target in this video, LaRue has also taken on other genres, namely hip-hop and pop music. In her song "Filler," she raps and rhymes about...well, pretty much nothing, which part of the joke! Plus, in "Product," she makes fun of how pop stars are basically just part of a bigger picture: consumerism.

"Country Star" is her newest parody song, and it is probably her best so far! Check out this new music video and get ready to laugh right now (via YouTube):

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What other genres of music do you think she'll parody next? Maybe she'll go after another topic in her new song. Either way, we can't wait to find out what she does next.

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