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11 Of Prince's Most Powerful Lyrics: 'Purple Rain,' Little Red Corvette' & More



The sudden and tragic death of pop icon Prince has touched everyone. His music catalog will be treasured as much as any from the 20th and 21st century. His musical compositions are as eloquent and fine-tuned as there are, but he was also a wizard at writing lyrics and we chose some of his most powerful lyrics from tracks like "Purple Rain," and "7," "Little Red Corvette" and others.

1. Song: "Little Red Corvette" (1982)

A body like yours oughta be in jail/'Cause it's on the verge of being obscene"?

2. Song: "Cream" (1991)

"Why should you wait any longer / Take a chance / It could only make you stronger / It's your time (it's your time)"

3. Song: "Kiss" (1986)

"Women, not girls, rule my world / I said they rule my world / Act your age, mama, not your shoe size."

4. Song: "Let's Go Crazy" (1984)

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get you through this thing called life."

5. Song: "7" (1992)

"I am yours now and you are mine / And together we'll love through all / Space and time, so don't cry."

6. Song: "Diamonds and Pearls" (1991)

"If I gave you diamonds and pearls / Would you be a happy boy or a girl / If I could I would give you the world / But all I can do is just offer you my love."

7. Song: "Uptown" (1980)

"Now were I come from / We don't let society, tell us how it's supposed to be / Our clothes, hair, we don't care / It's all about being there"

8. Song: "I would Die 4 U" (1984)

"I'm not a human / I am a dove / I'm your conscious / I am love / All I really need is to know that / You believe"

9. Song: "Wanna Be Your Lover" (1979)

"I ain't got no money / I ain't like those other guys you hang around / It's kinda funny / But they always seem to let you down / And I get discouraged / 'Cause I never see you anymore / And I need your love, babe / That's all I'm living for, yeah"

10. Song: "Musicology" (2004)

"Wish I had a Dollar / For every time you say / Don't you miss the feeling / Music gave you, back in the day"

11. Song: "Purple Rain" (1984)

"I never meant to cause you any sorrow / I never meant to cause you any pain / I only wanted to one time to see you laughing / I only wanted to see you / Laughing in the purple rain."

Go out and blast some Prince today, tomorrow and forever. Enjoy yourself this weekend - it's what Prince would have wanted.

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