Divinity Roxx has released her latest full-length album, ImPossible, and you can stream all 12 songs below!

While you may think that the title of this 12-track record is a negative word, the pronunciation is actually "I am possible," taking that negative connotation and literally using it against itself.

The accomplished bass player for a number of R&B, hip-hop, soul and even K-Pop music acts including K. Michele, B.o.B., 2NE1 and more. She's even graced the cover of Bass Musicians Magazine twice, but her solo career is taking off in 2016 with this great collection of soul tracks.

Obviously, she's playing bass on all of the songs, with help from fellow artists Lamar A. Moore (drums), Julian Litwack (guitar), and Babl Lemmens (Rhodes, piano).

Stream ImPossbile right here (via SoundCloud):

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You can check out the full tracklist of ImPossible right here:
1. Miracle
2. Break Down These Walls Feat. Anhayla
3. Can It B SO Hard Feat. Victor Wooten
4. Stinger (So Real)
5. We Are
6. The Book
7. WhachaDoiNWhereUATWhoUWit Feat. Derrick Baskin And Daniel J. Watts
8. Question Feat. Derrick Baskin
9. Let U Go
10. Hey U Feat. Daniel J. Watts
11. Just When U Think Feat. LD
12. I Like It Feat. Yani Marin

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