Anna Wise is a name you need to know in 2016. You've heard her voice before, specifically on a number of Kendrick Lamar songs, including "These Walls," but she's stepping out of the collaborator role with her debut solo EP, The Feminine: Act I. You can listen to the full EP stream right here.

Wise recently won the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Grammy Award for her "These Walls" work.

This 7-track EP has a run-time of about 16 minutes, but it's full of sultry and sexy R&B flavor brought on by Wise's unique vocals.

We previously covered the release of the music video for her track "BitchSlut," which takes on the gender bias and sexism in the media.

"There is a theme and the theme is 'women.' Women are great," Wise told SPIN when the music video was premiered. "We're f*cking great, and I want to talk about us. And talk about myself, because I'm a woman. I guess it's kind of selfish. 'Let's talk about me!'"

Wise also previously released a sexy music video for her song "Precious Possession," which you could check out right here.

Stream The Feminine: Act I EP right here:

Here is the tracklist for Wise's debut EP (via Pitchfork):
01 The Feminine
02 Precious Possession
03 How Would You Call a Dog?
04 BitchSlut
05 Decrease My Waist, Increase My Wage
06 Girl, Mother, Crone
07 Go

The Feminine: Act I is a self-release from Wise, so make sure to head over to iTunes to support this impressive artist. Also, make sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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