Chvrches has recently released an animated music video for the "Bury It" track from their Every Open Eye album. Paramore's Hayley Williams, who is featured as a guest vocalist on the extended version of the single, is also depicted in the video.

For the song's music video, the Scottish synth-pop band enlisted the help of British cartoonist Jamie McKelvie, who is known for his work with Marvel Comics such as X-Men Season One, Secret Avengers, Invincible Iron Man and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. Together with the Mighty Nice animation studio from Australia, Chvrches was able to create a fully animated video, according to Fast Co. Create.

It begins with the members of the band standing on the rooftop of a building in the middle of a city. Using their telekinetic powers, lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry, guitarist Iain Cook and sampler Martin Doherty play around with various objects by making them levitate.

The band is then joined by Williams, who also has special abilities of her own. The four musicians then use their powers to fly around the city like superheroes.

The beautiful animation created by McKelvie and Mighty Nice and the upbeat tempo of "Bury It" certainly make the video very enjoyable to watch. It's also very entertaining to see Williams and Mayberry's cartoon counterparts singing along with the song as they control objects with their minds and zip past buildings.

According to MTV, the rendition of the "Bury It" track that features Williams will be included in the extended version of Every Open Eye, which is scheduled to come out on July 29.

As for Paramore, the band has already started working on its fifth studio album. However, since Williams and guitarist Taylor York are the only active members of the rock group, fans are a bit worried as to how the upcoming album will sound once it is released.

Fortunately though, former Paramore drummer Zac Farro, who is now with the indie rock band HalfNoise, recently confirmed that he had agreed to play drums for the album. However, he noted that this does not mean that he is back with Paramore.

"They've asked me to play drums on their album, on their new album," he said on Idobi's In Frequency podcast. "So [Hayley] put it on their Instagram and put it on their website, and it's no joke that I'm back just playing drums for them on their new album alongside with doing my HalfNoise stuff. That's it, and that's literally all it is right now."