July 16, 2018 / 9:32 PM

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Watch Skrillex, Wiwek's Crazy Short Film 'Still In The Cage'



Skrillex, Wiwek and OWSLA have released the crazy and strange short film Still In The Cage.

The film was premiered last night at a screening at the Ace Hotel DTLA in Los Angeles and is now available for everyone to view on YouTube.

Shot in Bangkok and the surrounding area, the film is split up in three acts.

The first act starts with a band of four friends who live in a poor area of Bangkok, trying to navigate the inequalities of life. The guy struggles with his own gender identity and eventually takes himself out of the picture.

The three women hatch a plan to go to a paradise in the jungle where they can start anew. The people there are all free spirits and live totally away from the world.

They steal a boat and set off on their journey to start act 2.

As one might expect, they hit some bumps in the road and do not find the community right away. Having brought no supplies, the trip to the community is difficult. At their last wits and close to the end, they eventually drift into the community.

Tired and delirious, the trio ends up in the community surrounded by a bunch of people dancing in a jarring, seizing manner. The individuals are all covered in white body paint from head to toe, but after dancing do let the women eat.

They begin the third act by doing a ritual that would usher them into the colony to try and rid them of their past and future. After drinking some liquid the women black out and wake up the next morning covered in white paint, locked in a cage. They have intense flashbacks and visions, but are still locked in the cage no matter what they do.

The video is written and directed by Jodeb. The film is scored by Wiwek's Free & Rebellious EP, which includes the collaboration "Killa" with Skrillex.

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