Buzzing artists Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine have teamed up on a brand new track "Whole Heart" out now on Darkroom / Interscope. The new cut from the up-and-coming artists has all of the makings of an end-of-the-summer viral hit that should top Spotify charts and could crossover to more mainstream platforms..

The lyrics provide a deep message compared the cheery and upbeat instrumental. Bipolar Sunshine sings about the ills facing society today and the need to push for change before it is too late.

"We got problems in the streets again / Drowning in the violence, it's getting pretty tense/ A lot of hunger in the faces I see / A lot of bitterness, communal emptiness," he sings in the first verse over some soft guitars.

In the pre-chorus chimes in about poisoned water and deceit before offering an uplifting message about using your heart and love to keep moving as electric guitars, percussion and synths come in over a bed of snares.

It is a rare electro-pop song that actually has a message, while still maintaining a fun, upbeat sound.

The pair linked up in the past in a less formal way. Gryffin on his rise of internet fame with a spree of remixes, took on Bipolar Sunshine's "Daydreamer." Now they have a song together.

Gryffin last appeared on his single "Heading Home" that went No. 1 on the Spotify global charts. He has remixed the likes of CHVRCHES, Troye Sivan and Jack Garratt in the past year. Bipolar Sunshine has gained some acclaim for his work with DJ Snake, notably on the hit "Middle," but also his latest collaboration with the French DJ "Future Pt. 2."