A spokesperson for J. Balvin has confirmed that the Columbian reggaeton singer is alive after his plane crashed in the Bahamas on Friday. The "6 AM" singer also told his social media followers that he was safe following the accident.

According to Billboard, Balvin boarded a small airplane on Friday to leave the Bahamas after a vacation. Shortly after it took off, the plane crashed. Fortunately, the singer did not sustain injuries from the accident. His representatives also noted that they are still not sure what caused the plane to malfunction.

"I can confirm that there was an accident with a small plane on which J. Balvin was departing the Bahamas," the spokesperson said in a statement to Billboard. "J. Balvin is OK, sustaining no injuries, but we do not have any further details on exactly what happened with the flight at this time."

The Daily Mail was able to obtain some of the pictures of the incident that were taken by Balvin. One of the photos shows the front portion of the plane embedded in bushes. Another picture features the emergency response vehicle of the North Eleuthera International Airport at the site where the plane crashed.

On his official Facebook page, the artist shared a picture of him sitting on a plane's wing with his Chewbacca stuffed toy. The photo's caption, which was translated by Billboard, read, "We're safe. God didn't want us to die today." Another photo shows Balvin sitting inside a new plane after the accident.

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