Each and every week we put together our favorite tracks that had premiered a few days prior into one magnificent mixtape to share with you and your friends. This time around we've decided to share new songs from Yelle, Lowell, RX Bandits and more right here!

We'll kick things off the right way, with Landlady's newest, insatiable song "Girl." This pounding indie-pop number paints a vivid picture in musical form.

RIYL: Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Interpol

For those who remember RX Bandits as a third-wave ska band that turned into some sort of modern reggae-styled indie band, the group's newest, oddly titled song "Meow! Meow! Space Tiger" will give you a reason to get back into the band.

RIYL: RX Bandits sans horns

Yelle is clearly trying to blow us out of the water with her new song "Bouquet Final." Though it is in French, that doesn't make it any less catchy.

RIYL: M83, Poliça

Check out a lyric video HERE!

In the realm of not-so-indie artists, Ryan Adams' new single "Gimme Something Good" dropped last week and it is amazing! Plus Spoon's newest, "Do You," has us pretty excited for the new album They Want My Soul. How about we check out Ariana Grande's new song, "Break Free," too? Plus, The Presets premiered "No Fun" this week, and it's ironically a lot of fun!

Canadian pop singer Lowell has a knack for up-beat tunes that listeners fall in love with immediately - and "I Love You Money" is a perfect example of this. Mixing dancy beats with almost goofy vocal hooks, it's hard not to keep this song on repeat for the rest of the day.

RIYL: Bat Fur Lashes, Sia, Lana Del Rey

With a retro punk feel to it, Naomi Punk's newest track "Firehouse Face" easily stands out amongst the rest of the noise released this week.

RIYL: Cloud Nothings, Parquet Courts

River Tiber sounds like one of the most interesting musical projects of the last year, at least. Songwriter Tommy Paxton-Beesley has us hooked on his sound, especially thanks to the recently released tune "Prophets."

RIYL: James Blake, The Antlers, Bear In Heaven

Our latest mixtape would be a perfect compilation to share with your buddy feeling the summertime blues. It's hot and these tracks are as cool as they come.