June 20, 2018 / 8:58 PM

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The Weeknd Attacks His Own Fame In 'Starboy' Music Video With Daft Punk



The Weeknd has released the music video for his new single "Starboy" featuring the elusive French dance duo Daft Punk. The video captures the theme of "The Hills" singer's struggle with fame as he attacks all of the relics of his past success.

The video starts out quite ominously as we see The Weeknd tied up across a table from a masked man in all black putting on gloves. After killing the tied up The Weeknd, the masked man reveals himself to be the new version of The Weeknd, sleeker and with a fresh cut - killing off his old self with the big hair.

He continues the trend of eliminating his past, as he picks up a large red cross and starts to smash the items in a luxurious mansion. He smashes platinum records found on the wall and cases filled with trophies that he has won over the past few years, all while showing off a few dance moves.

After destroying the place, he chooses one of many sports cars and drives off onto a California Mountain rode as the visual fades to black.

Daft Punk do not make a human or robotic appearance in the video, but they are present through a painting.

"Starboy" is the first single to emerge from The Weeknd as he preps for his upcoming album by the same name. It is the first song fans have heard from Daft Punk in three years since their Grammy-Award winning album Random Access Memories.

Starboy the album will be released on Nov. 25. A tracklist or lineup of features has not been revealed as of yet. Fans can pre-order the LP on iTunes if they wish.

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