RL Grime, Skrillex and What So Not have released their bombastic, star-studded new collaboration "Waiting."

The song has been incorporated into live sets by these three for the better part of a year now in various unfinished iterations, but after getting a full premiere on RL Grime's Halloween Mix, the finished version is here.

"Waiting" brings together three giant forces in dance music - the genre-defying titan Skrillex, trap king RL Grime and Aussie dance leader What So Not.

"Waiting" has a similar start to What So Not & RL Grime's previous collaboration "Tell Me," with some slowly building percussion and pitched vocals. It then drops off a cliff into a bombastic combination of deep bass, frenetic percussion and odd vocal samples. The break gives the listener a chance to catch their breath before the second and even more energetic drop comes in after three minutes.

It is a heavy, muscular track that will work wonders in all of their sets. The combination of these three makes this one of the more high-profile collaborations in electronic music this year and they have lived up to the bill. It sounds a bit like "Tell Me," but there are enough differences to make it worth the wait.

To go along with the new song, the trio has released a phone number that fans can call to help with the waiting. It is worth the quick dial.

RL Grime has been pretty quiet this year, releasing one other single, but this is a great way to cap off 2016. What So Not is currently touring the globe on the back of his new Divide & Conquer EP, while Skrillex continues his lean towards pop music and sporadic shows.

Waiting can be picked up on all portals here and streamed below.