July 17, 2018 / 9:22 PM

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Solarrio Shares Mesmerizing 'Treadmill' Video: Premiere



Berlin-based electro pop artist Solarrio has released the music video for his new song "Treadmill." We are happy to premiere the video here on Music Times.

Solarrio captures the feeling that many people feel with their day-to-day lives that despite everything they do, they are going nowhere. "I am running in place, instead of running the race," sings Solarrio in the hook.

Strong and catchy hooks in this mesmerizing tune punctuate all that.

The music video captures that feeling of being stuck in a place where everything is moving around you. Solarrio went to Tokyo to shoot the video over two different periods. The viewer finds him wandering around the city, through fields of people and on the transport system, as a cog in the city that can swallow you whole.

Solarrio explains why he decided to shoot the video in Tokyo and the lengthy process for putting this together.

"One of the reasons I wanted to shoot this video in Tokyo was because I always had the city in mind when I was working on the song. The lights, the people, the hustle, the food," explains the artist in a statement to Music Times.

"It's definitely one of my favorite places to visit in the world! Some of the footage is from February, shot by my friend Antoine Wagner and some is from October, shot by Sonny B. My creative director Mikis Fontagnier was supposed to fly out there with us but had to cancel last minute due to a back injury, so I had 3 days to figure out how to make it work. In the end it all worked out, I got the footage back to Mikis and he did a phenomenal job with the editing & color grading."

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