Madlib & DOOM are back with some new music, but are releasing it in a very old-fashioned way. The talented MCs have unveiled their new song "Avalanche," but are only releasing it at this time on a 7" vinyl. In addition to the vinyl pressing, the pair are also releasing a special Madvillain action figure.

The new song "Avalanche" has been floating around in various forms for years, but never got a release. Now it has been officially uploaded to their SoundCloud and will be available to own physically now if you hurry, or in February 2017. It also finds them donning their individual names Madlib and DOOM, instead of their dual moniker Madvillian.

Madlib's understated production with vocal chants and organs works perfectly for the effortless flow by MF DOOM. The rapper starts out with a stream of conscious few lines and then picks up steam with some absurd lines like "The rap game got more toys than Kris Kringle / And he's fake, his ears are not deceiving / I can't believe my eyeballs no more than Steveland / No Wonder, OMFG."

In addition to the new song, MF DOOM and Madlib are also releasing an action figure for Madvillain. The same team behind the Madvillain figure, Kid Robot, created the figure. It is 8-inches tall and has a removable gold case.

If you want to pick up the set, it will be costly. The vinyl, which includes just the instrumental of Avalanche, plus the action figure and its case, will run $85. The first 500 copies are being released and once they sell out the next batch will ship Febryary 2017. It can be purchased through Rappcats here. In the meantime, smash that play button on "Avalanche" below.