David Bowie would have turned 70 this past Sunday, Jan 8. In celebration of the Thin White Duke's life that ended on Jan. 10, 2016, Columbia Records has packaged a new EP with songs found on the cast album for Bowie's musical Lazarus and are believed to be his last known recordings. In addition to the final pieces of music from Bowie, they have put out a rather off music video for one of them, "No Plan."

The video features a host of bystanders who get drawn to a large stack of televisions in a storefront that you only see in the movies. Lyrics from the song are shown across various televisions, while old footage of Bowie occasionally appears. Tom Hingston directed the video.

The No Plan EP contains one old song and three new ones that were a part of the musical and released as a part of a cast album. However this is the first time they have been released as standalone songs.

The No Plan EP starts out with a familiar song in "Lazarus" that was found on Bowie's final album Blackstar.

The title track "No Plan" comes next, which sounds like it could have been on Blackstar. "Killing a Little Time" is the most uptempo cut from the EP with hard electric guitars and a throwback feel to some of his earlier recordings.

The EP ends with "When I Met You," which finds a nice middle ground between the rock "Killing a Little Time" and jazz-influenced "Lazarus" and "No Plan."

While these aren't exactly brand new, it is good to have these packaged and easily downloadable or streamed in one EP. Pick up the EP here.

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