June 18, 2018 / 1:38 PM

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"Heartbreaker" Ryan Adams Draws Sean Hannity's Ire Via Twitter Spat


In one of the least likely celebrity feuds of the week, it seems that tempers are running high over at the "Sean Hannity Show" following a Twitter spat between the conservative talk show host and the alternative country star.

The events began when Hannity tweeted about a lack of role models in America, and Adams responded by clarifying that the host isn't a good role model himself. "Your entire soul is controlled by fear and by hate. Evolve little chicken man. See reality." Hannity handled it in a somewhat responsible way, inviting the musician onto his show, which Adams declined, saying that he "doesn't negotiate with terrorists." Admittedly, Adams is trolling here but that doesn't necessarily excuse Hannity's verbal rampage delivered later on his program.

"He called me a 'terrorist'. If we wanted to torture terrorists, we could play his music, which isn't that popular anyway, and a 24-hour-loop would drive them nuts," the host said. "Come on the program, stop being a wimp, he's hiding behind his rock star makeup like a little gutless little coward that he is."

Adams isn't that popular compared to say...well...we don't imagine Hannity listens to Justin Timberlake either, but he does have a decent following (more than 350,000 Facebook fans). Critics might disagree with the observation that Adams music is tortuous, as albums such as "Heartbreaker" and "Gold" have received heaps of praise. The moral ultimately is this: It's best not to start social media feuds with talk show hosts, because they have television shows and you don't.

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