A new featurette for the second half of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 premiere has been released wherein fans were treated to some interesting details. It also had a commentary from the show’s cast and executive producer.

According to them, one of the highlights for the coming “Fear the Walking Dead” episodes would be Strand’s (Colman Domingo) interactions with Walker. This is after he left the Abigail yacht and realized the apocalypse. EP Dave Erickson teased, "All bets are off. The nation has arrived at the Ranch."

Domingo said that the coming season will go a little deeper into the apocalypse where rules will be changing. But then, viewers can look forward into the families uniting in some way. The featurette also showed footages of the conflict between the Native Americans and the Broke Jaw Ranch. Viewers will find the Nations ruling over the ranch.

The new “Fear the Walking Dead” featurette also hinted of a leadership vacuum taking place in the community as Madison (Kim Dickens) takes over the ranch despite Jake (Sam Underwood) being the official leader. This situation will cause tension among the people.

“Fear the Walking Dead” spoilers indicate that the midseason premiere will pick up from where the first half left off. The survivors had just come from a difficult journey to the U.S. Border after escaping walkers from Mexico according to ScreenRant. Coming into a new territory would mean new problems for them, though.

Despite suffering a decline in viewership since the series was first aired, “Fear the Walking Dead” remains to be the second most watched show in AMC, second only to its mother series, “The Walking Dead.” It is no surprise therefore that it already secured a fourth season reports Metro.

From the featurette and some photos released for its coming episodes, the second half of “Fear the Walking Dead” has plenty to offer its fans. The series returns on September 10 on AMC.