Taylor Swift has released a new song from her upcoming "Reputation" album, and she's giving out messages again to person's involved; who could it be? "Ready For It" was Swift's one-minute pre-show intro on an Alabama-Florida football game this weekend and was released thereafter on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. And it hasn't been that long time since she released another track called "Look What You Made Me Do" which earned the most-viewed music video over a 24-hour period.

The overwhelming viewer's response of "Look What You Made Me Do" might be the obvious message it gave to Taylor Swift's frenemies. In a report from The Hollywood Gossip, Taylor Swift has made it clear on her song that the old Taylor Swift is dead, or so she just wants to shift from her old country-pop princess image to a fiercer electric dance style. "Ready For It," says that the guy she is with now is mature despite his young age, the total shift of feelings also added that she cannot compare her exes with this guy; her exes name already forgotten.

Indeed, "Ready For It" describes the man he seems to be in love with right now and how different he is to her exes. As always, Taylor Swift usually expresses her disdain on her songs and just so as Mirror reports, the second single calls out to any of his famous ex-boyfriends. All of them, from Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, and Harry Styles, just nobody knows who gets to be the robber or the killer that left his girls haunted.

With a few hours after it's released, "Ready For It" ranked No. 3 on the iTunes chart with "Look What You Made Me Do" at No. 1. If Taylor Swift knows how to keep the record straight, then this newly released single will be another chart topper or a trending video.