June 18, 2018 / 3:43 AM

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Lil Wayne's Las Vegas Show Was Cancelled Dut To Another Seizure Episode



Multiple seizures caused the cancellation of Lil Wayne's Las Vegas performance on Sunday night. The hip hop recording artist has already revealed on 2012 that he is on a medication for his seizures due to his epilepsy. It is not the first time that his medical condition has caused a stir on media and on his career as Lil Wayne's seizures have made a flight go on an emergency landing while on the way to California.

On early Sunday, RollingStone reported yet another seizure from the American rapper, Lil Wayne while he is in his Chicago hotel room. The unconscious artist was brought to Northwestern Memorial hospital where he got another seizure episode. This prompted the doctors to delay his discharge and hindered him to perform on his scheduled performance in Las Vegas Drai's nightclub.

In a statement from the show's organizer, Billboard reports how the team of Maverick / Young Money expressed their concern and prayers for the fast recuperation of Lil Wayne and that they value more than ever the health and well-being of their performers. On their social media update, Lil Wayne performance will be replaced by T.I. who will be performing alongside DJ Franzen for another installment of Sundrais.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. or popularly known as Lil Wayne has been previously reported to have health issues, which was denied by his publicist as only migraine and dehydration. Even Lil Wayne himself, after revealing his condition has been calmly responding to issues that his seizures are just due to stress and overwork and it goes off once in a while with nothing to cause for an alarm. On March 2013, a seizure episode while doing a music video with Nicki Minaj was falsely reported to be drug-induced, in response to this, some of his show's organizers were able to dispute the false reports and has called the situation as "the most overheated celebrity deathwatch in recent years."

Lil Wayne admitted that he has been experiencing the seizures from time to time and that some of them were undocumented and was not heard of in the news. He describes his condition to have sudden headaches and attacks that he just wakes up suddenly in a hospital. Everybody, especially his fans are praying that his condition will improve and that the doctors will be able to identify the cause and cure.

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