Who else would make their fan's chant and enjoy doing it at the same time, the South Korean boy group B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) has done it just for their Baby's. That's what's keeping them busy right now after a successful launch of their single "Honeymoon" and the same time the release of its music video. Their upcoming album titled "Blue" has introduced three new tracks "Honeymoon", "All The Way Up" and "Rewind"; a combination of smooth melody that encompasses the message of the album which is nature's serenity.

In a report from Officially Kmusic, B.A.P's newest single "Honeymoon" was released on Sept 5 together with its music video. Because of their continuous efforts to please their fans which are called Baby's, the charming six-member boy group made a fan chant as the song "Honeymoon" plays along. With this effort, they are showing how they appreciate their Baby's and even encourage them on how they act while the group is performing.

The album "Blue" from which "Honeymoon" is included will be B.A.P's seventh album and the third from their color series album, in a report from allkpop, the previous albums were titled "Noir" and "Rose." From what the group has prepared, it is definitely something to watch out for, the music video has given the details of what to expect from "Blue." The boy's crisp and gentleman appearance will take their listeners on a vacation and relaxes them to their amazing voices.

The supposed cheer guide for their Baby's is just simply a reminder for B.A.P members to be accommodating to those who support their projects and help them achieve their popularity as a group. The recently released informal video shows all six boys reach out and gives a message to their fans. After which, they played themselves as fans and chanted and whistled along with the song "Honeymoon", exactly what their Baby's usually does on their shows and concerts.