Kanye West certainly knows how to play with the crowd. After news that West pulled out the sixth season of his "Yeezy" fashion show from the New York Fashion Week, it was made clear that the show was not canceled, but was not included on the fashion week, to begin with.

According to People, the "Yeezy" designer's main reason to skip the New York event is due to exhaustion. Known to be a workaholic, sources add that West has been designed for the new line, as well as the Adidas line. And if the nightly tours that the performer does are added to the equation, it would result to an exhausted Kanye. 

Last February, the fifth season of Kanye's "Yeezy" was held at Pier 59 Studios during the NYFW, E! reported. Aside from wife Kim Kardashian, Anna Wintour of Vogue, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Lala Anthony were among the big-name celebrities on the "Yeezy" Season 5 premiere.

 Kanye West started delving into fashion design in 2005 with his Pastille Clothing line. After the cancellation of the line in 2009, the singer shifted to footwear, partnering with Nike to release the "Air Yeezy" line. The first set designed for Louis Vuitton was seen in that year's Paris Fashion Week. In 2015, Kanye started his "Yeezy" clothing line alongside the release of the Adidas - partnered "Yeezy Boosts" on the 2015 New York Fashion Week.  

West has also expanded his line to reach children. With the help of his wife Kim, the "Yeezy" designer launched "Kids Supply" in May 2017, while a second set released last July 2017.

Created by Eleanor Lambert in 1943, the New York Fashion Week is part of the "Big 4" major fashion weeks, including Milan, Paris, and London. Held every February and September each year, the bi-annual event consists of both branded and independent designers.

The "Yeezy"-less New York Fashion Week is held from September 7-13, 2017.