May 22, 2018 / 3:55 AM

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'Hawaii Five-O' Season 8: Steve Worries About Legacy After Almost Dying; Thinking of Retiring?



Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) will not die of radiation poisoning in the upcoming “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8. What he will have is a new outlook on life. He realized that he is a mortal and it will have an effect on the legacy of what he wants to do after he stops being a cop.

This much was revealed by EP Peter Lenkov in an interview. According to him, everybody assumed that Steve was being killed off for the last two seasons of the series according to Entertainment Weekly. He assured everybody, though, “that was absolutely not on anybody’s mind.”

Lenkov revealed that one of his favorite side-plots for “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8 is Danny’s (Scott Caan) plan of opening a restaurant. It will be a big story arc in the new season where he and Steve decide whether it’s a viable option for them as a retirement option in the future.

Getting into the restaurant business may come across as totally unexpected for Steve and Danny. Lenkov, however, explained that the plan of opening a restaurant that will be called “Steve’s” will tie into the larger underlying legacy theme that will be explored in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8.

“A big part of last year and this year is talking about people’s legacies and what they leave behind,” Lenkov said. The show’s dynamic duo will sort of start their side project in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8 and have a lot of fun doing it in the process.

It looks like that although Steve and Danny might have their restaurant dream turn into reality, it could actually take years before they will actually follow through with their post retirement business venture. It may not even happen at all reports TV Line. In the meantime, they appear to be having a pretty exciting “Hawaii Five-O” Season 13.

For one, Steve and Danny will be working again with an old colleague British secret agent Harry Langford (Chris Vance). As early as July, Lenkov has teased already teased the return of the fan favorite character.

Harry will reportedly be joining Steve and Danny in the second episode of “Hawaii Five-O” Season 8. It is slated to premiere on September 29, Friday, on CBS.

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