May 22, 2018 / 9:56 AM

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Harvey Weinstein Tried To Delete Documents Before Sexual Assault Allegations Broke In October



Harvey Weinstein was aware that stories about his sexual assault will be made public in October. In an attempt to protect himself, he tried to delete documents that would have implicated him further.

Harvey Weinstein Protects Himself

Months after Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment by a slew of women in Hollywood, new information about his last few days at The Weinstein Company has been released. Weinstein did not only try to delete important documents from his computer; he also hired experts to keep his former employees under surveillance.

The producer tried to figure out who was responsible for his downfall even before the complaints against him were made public. Journalists who reported about Weinstein's misconduct were also investigated by his team of experts.

His Employees Speak Up

Nicole Quenqua, head of publicity for The Weinstein Company, said that the former founder of the company. kept her in the dark about the ordeal for as long as possible. Days before the story was released, Weinstein confided to Quenqua and told her that everything's going to be fine.

One of Quenqua's colleagues said that Weinstein, who was formerly dubbed as a bully, was gravely affected by the accusations.

"He looked awful and could not focus. He was burning through money on attorneys and other advisers and, whether related or not, was working to unload some of his real estate," said the employee.

An executive also revealed that Weinstein became so obsessed with finding out who did him in. It appeared as though the mogul was seeking revenge.

"He knew how bad it was. He knew he had to do the right thing and yet it was like there was a switch that would go off and he would become a different human being," said the executive.

Quenqua recounted another conversation she had with Weinstein where he said that someone has been giving his driver's phone numbers to the press. The producer's address book was also released to the media.

84 Accusers

Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing a total of 84 women that includes his former talents and employees. Some of the actresses that came forward with their harrowing sexual harassment story include Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delevingne, Heather Graham, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, and more.

Apology Issued

Following the accusations, Weinstein apologized to his victims and acknowledged the fact that what he did to them was wrong. He also said that he is committed to doing better even if he still has a long way to go.

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