February 21, 2019 / 7:55 AM

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Golden Globes 2018: Seth Meyers Slams Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey In Opening Monologue



Seth Meyers opened this year's Golden Globes by greeting the "ladies and remaining gentlemen" in the crowd at The Beverly Hilton, where the show took place.

The Late Night host didn't mince words in his astutely critical monologue, joking about alleged sexual abusers and rapists in Hollywood the likes of Oscar-winning House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey and hotshot producer Harvey Weinstein.

"For the male nominees in the room tonight, this will be the first time in months it won't be terrified to hear your name read aloud ..." joked Meyers, obviously referring to the handful of men in Hollywood that were alleged with sexual harassment and abuse this year.

Some of the appalling stories, however, span years and even decades. But many of the victims have been able to speak out only recently, egged in large part by the tremendously inspiring and illuminating #MeToo movement that's sweeping various industries and workplaces, revealing the ugly picture behind the pristine mask.

He called Weinstein "the elephant not in the room" and said that he will be back in 20 years "when he's the first person booed in the In Memoriam."

Meyers did not forget about Spacey. He asked whether the upcoming season of House of Cards will star Christopher Plummer, who replaced Spacey in another project in light of sexual allegations against the actor.

Another person associated with sexual assault allegations that Seth joked about in his monologue is President Donald Trump.

According to Meyers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — the governing body that picks the Golden Globe winners — has a name that's seemingly designed to anger the president. The only way it could be worse, he said, if it was called the "Hillary Mexico Salad Association."

Meyers also mentioned about that time when he made jokes about Trump not being qualified enough to run for presidency during a previous White House Correspondents' Dinner, which several consider to be what triggered Trump to run for the position.

"So if that's true, I just want to say: Oprah, you will never be president!" he screamed. "You do not have what it takes!"

To close out his monologue, Meyers congratulated all the female nominees, praising them for speaking out and initiating the charge to stand against sexual harassment practices in Hollywood.

"I look forward to you leading us into whatever comes next," he said.

You can watch the whole monologue below. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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