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Harvey Weinstein

Dave Matthews Band Violinist Boyd Tinsley Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

A former member of Crystal Garden said that Boyd Tinsley groomed and sexually-harassed him for years. Dave Matthews Band has issued a statement suggesting that Tinsley is permanently out of the band.

Jay-Z, Eminem Sue The Weinstein Company For Unpaid Music Use Worth Over $800K

Jay-Z and Eminem joined Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and more in opposing the buyout of The Weinstein Company. The rappers claimed that the movie studio still owes them a significant amount from previous projects.

Conductor James Levine Fires Back After Being Fired, Sues Met Opera For Defamation

Disgraced conductor James Levine is suing The Metropolitan Opera for defamation after his dismissal earlier this week. The company has launched an investigation and found credible evidence backing the sexual misconduct accusations made against ...

Former Assistant Of Harvey Weinstein Is Suing Him For ‘Degrading, Sexually Harassing' Behavior

Harvey Weinstein’s former personal assistant is suing him for sexual harassment. In her lawsuit, she claims she was required to do demeaning tasks, such as cleaning up semen and used condoms, plus keeping a list of the producer’s ‘girls.’

Brigitte Bardot Decries #MeToo Movement, Slams Women For Being ‘Hypocritical And Ridiculous’

Screen icon Brigitte Bardot has followed in her French sisters' footsteps by speaking out against the #MeToo movement. Bardot critized female victims in a new magazine interview for crying wolf about nonexistent sexual harassment.

Harvey Weinstein Tried To Delete Documents Before Sexual Assault Allegations Broke In October

Harvey Weinstein's employees recently opened up about their boss' final days at The Weinstein Company. They revealed that the disgraced producer tried to delete some documents before his sexual assault allegations were exposed.

Seal Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations, 'Vehemently Denies' Accusations

Seal is under criminal investigation for allegedly kissing and groping actress Tracey Birdsall in 2016. The singer denies the allegations and intends to clear his name.

Ashley Judd Weighs In On James Franco's Alleged Sexual Misconduct: What He Said Is 'Terrific'

Following his appearance at the 2018 Golden Globes, several women have come forward to accuse James Franco of sexual harassment. The actor has since apologized for his past misconducts.

Harvey Weinstein Reporter Ronan Farrow Signs HBO Deal To Produce Investigative Documentaries

The journalist who exposed decades-long sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein is working with HBO for a series of documentaries. The deal, spanning three years, begins late 2018.

Someone Just Slapped Harvey Weinstein In The Face, Twice

Alleged rapist and sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein has learned a painful lesson: don’t go out in public. Or else, you’ll get slapped by a patron in a restaurant for your crimes against women.

Jennifer Lopez Wears All Black To Support Times Up Campaign

Jennifer Lopez talked about sexual harassment during her visit to Puerto Rico. The singer also wore black in support of the #TimesUp movement in Hollywood.

Golden Globes 2018: Seth Meyers Slams Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey In Opening Monologue

The 2018 Golden Globes has finally arrived. Seth Meyers is hosting this year’s ceremony, and his jokes about the rampant sexual harassment in the industry couldn’t be more timely.

Men To Wear Black At The Golden Globes To Support Women's Protest, But People Are Incensed

Several actors like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will wear black on the red carpet of the 2018 Golden Globes. The decision was made to support the women who suffered sexual harassment.

Cara Delevingne Gets Catcalled In Jimmy Choo Ad, And The Internet Isn't Happy

Supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne was catcalled in a viral ad for the designer shoe brand, Jimmy Choo. The tone-deaf video received criticism from social media users.

Over 20,000 People Sign Online Petition To Kick Matt Damon Out Of 'Ocean's 8'

Matt Damon spoke about the ongoing purge that exposes the sexual predators in Hollywood. People who are not happy with his statements want him out of the all-female 'Ocean's 8.'

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