May 25, 2018 / 10:24 PM

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LISTEN: The Aces Drop New Single 'Fake Nice' From Recently Announced Debut Album



Pop-rock quartet The Aces debuts a new single entitled "Fake Nice," showcasing a playful yet soulful sound before the release of their first album in April.

Produced by Wendy Wang, the newly released single will be one of the tracks from the group's first ever album My Heart Felt Volcanic. Signed to Red Bull Records, the foursome is composed of sisters Cristal Ramirez on vocals and guitar, and Alisa Ramirez on drums, along with their hometown friends McKenna Petty on bass, and Katie Henderson on lead guitar and backup vocals.

"'Fake Nice' is a favorite off the album and representative of a funkier side of our sound," the band states. "We wrote it about being from a smaller town and experiencing living in a big city for the first time while trying to navigate all the new personalities that come along with that."

The band hails from Provo, Utah, a small college town that The Aces describes as conservative and religious. The nature of their hometown ended up being surprisingly beneficial to the young group who were able to hone their skills in hundreds of local shows. The rarity of alcohol in their religious town means that The Aces could play in any venue in Provo even alongside older musicians.

Performing and growing up together for a decade plays a big part in The Aces' rise to the big stage as the band credits their history and bond for their longevity.

"The band was such a big part of us growing up and our identity, you were never going to quit the band," Cristal explains.

In an interview with MTV, the band shares how the group kicked off over a decade ago when sisters Cristal, 10, and Alisa, 8, came up with the idea. The Aces simply never stopped playing, especially when the foursome watched Lorde win two Grammys at 17.

Their efforts paid off with their 2017 I Don't Like Being Honest EP with tunes that got them attention in the industry including "Physical" and "Stuck." Now known for their irresistibly '80s pop-ish melodies and catchy lyrics, the group is reaping the benefits of their efforts.

Years of experience onstage and songwriting culminates in My Heart Felt Volcanic, their first full-length album that the band describes as a reflection of their youthful perspective. "Fake Nice" is only the tip of the iceberg.

"The album is called When My Heart Felt Volcanic, and I think that's the perfect way to describe the sound of the album," Alisa tells V Magazine. "I think every song is super passionate, and we're capitalizing on whatever emotion that is so extreme because it's about being young and about everything feeling like the end of the world."

My Heart Felt Volcanic is slated to be released in April 6.

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