Love in its different form and expression is the theme of the music video for the remix of the Latin song "El Farsante" from Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, featuring American singer Romeo Santos.

Ozuna, born Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, released the video for his latest music project on Tuesday. In the five-minute clip, the Dominican heartthrobs sing about love inside a New York court before a group of skeptical-looking female audience. The clip also shows three other narratives.

The first proves that love can make people do crazy things, such as breaking into the principal's office. A young man sneaks inside to use the school intercom, where he professed his love for a girl. The subject of his affection listens attentively from her seat inside the classroom, clearly feeling giddy as she smiles all throughout his confession. The young man gets busted and possibly taken for detention. However, he leaves with a big smile on his face when the girl greets him with a smile as he is being led away.

The second story talks about forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet style. The woman's parents clearly disapprove of their daughter's relationship with the man, who one night comes running to her house asking for forgiveness. To add drama to the moment, the man yells out his love for the woman under the rain. The parents restrain their daughter as the police arrives to take her man away. However, she breaks free, and they both ran toward each other for a kiss.

However, the last narrative is probably the most heart-wrenching of all three, as it ironically speaks of love without boundaries. The video shows a woman surprising her partner, who is behind bars, with news about her pregnancy. They talk on the phone, and she stands up to reveal her growing belly. The man cries tears of joy and sadness, knowing that he will never be able to see the birth of his child. Still, he reiterates that he loves her and will continue to do so.

The melody and the lyrics of "El Farsante" is a tearjerker by itself, even without the music video to accompany it. Rapper Cardi B even gets emotional listening to the track during Ozuna's performance of his 2017 hit at the 11th annual mega Calibash concert on Jan. 20. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper took to her Instagram to praise the song and its singer. She also sang the lyrics as she watched Ozuna perform the track on stage inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.