May 21, 2018 / 1:01 AM

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DJ Who Sexually Harassed Taylor Swift Now Co-Hosts A Mississippi Radio Show


David Mueller, the radio DJ that groped Taylor Swift, just landed a new job. He is now working as a radio show host in Mississippi.

Radio station 92.7 KIX hired Mueller, who previously went by the pseudonym Jackson, as the host of Stonewall Jackson. He is also co-hosting Jackson and Jonbob.

Following the announcement, Larry Fuss, the CEO of Delta Radio, defended his decision to hire Mueller even though he was found guilty of groping Swift. Fuss said that he spoke with Mueller before offering him a job, and he believed his version of the story. Fuss did not directly say whether or not he thinks Swift lied about her allegations.

"He's either the world's biggest liar or he's telling the truth. I tend to believe his version of the story and most people who have talked to him face-to-face do believe his version of the story," said Fuss.

Fuss also said that he decided to hire Mueller because he sounds good on the radio. The CEO acknowledged the fact this his decision has been widely criticized on social media, but he also said that most of the complaints came from Swift's fans.

"It's all originating from some Taylor Swift fan group somewhere. They're telling people to go to this station's webpage and post negative comments. It's just people who don't have a clue, or don't really have any knowledge of the facts," said Fuss.

Taylor Swift Files Lawsuit Against David Mueller

Swift accused Mueller of reaching under her skirt and grabbing her during a meet and greet in 2013. Two years later, Mueller sued Swift for $3 million. He said that the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer's accusations were all false. He also said that Swift was the reason behind his firing.

The 28-year-old singer countersued Mueller for assault and battery. In August 2017, a jury sided with Swift. Mueller was forced to pay Swift $1 in damages.

During his trial, Mueller reiterated that he did not grope Swift. He said that he remembers touching the singer's ribcage or rib during the meet and greet. However, Swift stressed that what happened was a definite grab. She also called the incident "horrifying and shocking."

"He did not touch my rib. He did not touch my arm. He did not touch my hand. He grabbed my bare ass," said Swift.

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