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Julian Casablancas Addresses Beef With Ryan Adams: Here’s A Recap



Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has talked about his rumored feud with fellow musician Ryan Adams. In a new interview, Casablancas refuted claims the issue is still ongoing.

The difficulties between the two men originally came to light last year following the publication of tell-all book Meet Me in the Bathroom. Lizzy Goodman's chronicle of the New York rock scene in the early 2000s featured then up-and-comers The Strokes, Interpol, and Vampire Weekend.

Its biggest talking point, however, was a lengthy, explosive reference to the bad blood stewing between The Strokes and Adams. Albert Hammond Jr., the band's guitarist, described Adams as a bad influence who supplied him with heroin. Casablancas tried to protect his bandmate from Adams by threatening to beat the singer-songwriter up. The latter totally denied the claims made in the book.

Now, Casablancas spoke to Beats 1's Matt Wilkinson to discuss his beef with the "Wonderwall" singer/

"Even the Ryan Adams thing — I just feel like... I'm not aware... I mean, I might've been the one who did it. I just feel like I wouldn't blame him for anything anyone else did. I'm not into throwing people under the bus for any reason or... You know what, man, let people enjoy it. I don't really care, to be honest," Casablancas told Beats in the new interview. "The whole feud thing, I'm so not into that. If you want to say something to someone's face, that's different."

Casablancas may have been referring to tweets Adams sent back in July after Twitter got hold of the story, which he has since deleted. The tweets saw Adams joking about Casablancas being addicted to lasagne.

"I should have got them addicted to writing better songs," he added.

Meet Me in the Bathroom details how Casablancas couldn't remember whether he warned Adams to stay away from Hammond Jr. He blames the influence of heroin, describing it as taking "a person's soul away."

Whatever happened with Adams, it led to Hammond Jr. moving out of the apartment he shared with Casablancas. In the book, Casablancas even suggests it may have been a factor in the dissolution of The Strokes.

Casablancas isn't impressed with Meet Me in the Bathroom in general, particularly the decision to leave his wife out of the interviews whom he refers to as the band's co-manager. He reckons it consists mostly of discussions with posers acting like insiders who really have no insight into the situation.

Casablancas is currently preparing to release his new album Vulture with the Voidz, which is due on March 30. As to whether or not The Strokes will be releasing anything shortly, he suggested 2019 as a possible date for new material. The band hasn't released anything since 2016's Future Presents Past.

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