Tinashe releases her new collaboration with the rapper, Future. The audio of "Faded Love" is now available for purchase or streaming.

The track recounts the thoughts and emotions of a woman during a one night stand. In her internal monologue, she says she wanted to know as little information about her lover as possible.

"Don't give me your name," Tinashe sings. "I don't need your number saved in my phone/ Just follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me home."

However, the man contemplates finally giving up the life of a player. His (Future) part comes around the 1:40 mark. Listen to the song below.


This is the second time that Tinashe and Future have worked on a collaboration. They also worked together on the track "How Many Times" from the album Aquarius released in 2014.

In an interview with Beats 1 via XXL Mag, the singer talked about recruiting the "Mask Off" rapper for the new track.

"I mean, Future was on my first album, and that was one of my favorite songs on the first album, but I feel like it was pretty underrated," she shared. "So I was like, it would be perfect to have him back again. I thought this song was really interesting to put him on because I felt like it was a little bit more unexpected kind of being a little more muted and not necessarily a trap song or something that would be obvious."

Joyride Details

"Faded Love" is the second single from Tinashe this year. In January, she released the song "No Drama," her collaboration with Migos rapper, Offset. She is expected to release another track called "Me So Bad," which she teased in a post on Instagram.

Fans of the electro-pop singer have been holding their breaths waiting for the follow-up to her 2016 album Nightride. Called Joyride, the upcoming album will be the third from the 25-year-old. As of this writing, the record does not have an exact release date yet.

The album was meant to be released in 2016 but issues with her record label and other obstacles further delayed its launch. However, Tinashe said that Joyride is in its best form yet.

"This is the best incarnation of the project yet," she told W Magazine.

One of the changes made was the removal of Dr. Luke, the music producer who was accused of sexual assault. Tinashe has been vocal about her support for fellow pop star Kesha.

"Faded Love" can now be purchased from iTunes or streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.