David Bowie's Aladdin Sane album is confirmed to be getting a vinyl reissue to celebrate the record's 45th anniversary.

The original release date of Aladdin Sane was on April 20, 1973, and its vinyl version will be available on the same date this year. Bowie's 1981 compilation album Changestwobowie will also be getting a vinyl reissue, and it will be available on April 13. The songs in the compilation album will also be available on various music streaming platforms this year.

This month, five other albums by Bowie will also be reissued on vinyl. These albums include Low, Heroes, Lodger, Scary Monsters, and Stage. The vinyl reissues will be available starting Feb. 23 via Parlophone.

David Bowie's Cancer Battle

Bowie passed away in New York in 2016 due to liver cancer. After his death, BBC2 released a documentary called David Bowie: The Last Five Years. The film revealed that Bowie kept his illness a secret from his fans because he did not want them to worry about him. The musician passed away just days after he released his 25th album Blackstar.

Johan Renck, the director of the music video for "Blackstar" insisted that Bowie did not release "Lazarus" as his parting gift to his fans. Bowie was unaware that he would not survive at the time.

"David said: 'I just want to make it a simple performance video.' I immediately said 'the song is called 'Lazarus,' you should be in bed.' To me it had to do with the biblical aspect of it... it had nothing to do with him being ill. I found out later that, the week we were shooting, it was when he was told it was over, they were ending treatments and that his illness had won," said Renck.

Ivo Van Hove Remembers David Bowie

Ivo Van Hove, the director of the "Lazarus" music video, also said that despite Bowie's illness, the musician still wanted to release new songs for his fans. He said that Bowie wanted to start recording a sequel to "Lazarus" immediately after they finished filming the music video.

Bowie is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He was a leading figure in popular music for over five decades. Some of his most famous songs include "Space Oddity," "Let's Dance," "Life on Mars?" "Under Pressure," "Starman," "Rebel Rebel," "China Girl," "Absolute Beginners," and "Cat People."