June 20, 2018 / 1:33 AM

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Childish Gambino Talks Music Industry Experience: ‘No One Has Good Intentions’



Childish Gambino opens up about his experience in the music industry. The singer says that no one in the business seems to have good intentions.

When he started his career years ago, Gambino's goal was to make sure that everyone liked him, as well as for them to realize that he has good intentions. However, he was the one who realized that everyone just has incentives.

Childish Gambino's Retirement

Last year, the 34-year-old rapper announced that he will be retiring from music. He also said that his TV show Atlanta will not continue to air for years. Gambino plays the role of Earnest "Earn" Marks in the FX series, which premiered on Sept. 6, 2016.

"There are so few stories available for us, though. That's why I'm not going to be making music much longer, and 'Atlanta' won't interest me much longer. Best-case scenario, the show is just a show that makes people aware. It's not going to do the transformative work we've been talking about," said Gambino.

On June 5, 2017, Gambino posted a cryptic tweet about his future in music. He told his fans that he will see them for the last Gambino album. A day later, the rapper said that he has decided to quit the industry because he does not think making new music is still necessary.

"There's nothing worse than like a third sequel, like a third movie and we're like, 'again?' You know, I like it when something's good and when it comes back there's a reason to come back, there's a reason to do that," said the singer.

In 2014, he sat down for an interview about his life as a rapper. He said that rappers do not want to be just rappers. Normally, they also want to do other things like acting and making sure they are compensated properly.

"I believe that music has just become advertising for a brand, and if that makes music less magical, then [expletive] you. I understand people being like, 'I worked really hard on this song and I'd like some payment for it.' It just needs to be done differently," explained Gambino.

Gambino has already released several albums since 2006, namely, Utterances of the Heart, Sick Boi, I'm Just A Rapper, I Am Just A Rapper 2, Culdesac, Camp Side D, Royalty, Camp, Because the Internet, and Awaken, My Love!

Some of his most popular songs include "Redbone," "V. 3005," "Sober," "Me and Your Mama," "Freaks and Geeks," "Heartbeat," "Bonfire," and more.

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