June 22, 2018 / 5:24 AM

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You Can Now Stream Jonny Greenwood's 'You Were Never Really Here' Soundtrack



Jonny Greenwood's new song from the official soundtrack of You Were Never Really Here has just been released. The album consists of 14 songs.

Greenwood's "You Were Never Really Here" serves as the carrier single for the album. The Radiohead guitarist's song will be released physically in the coming months.

Other songs in the album include "Tree Synthesis," "Sandy's Necklace," "Nausea," "Hammer and Tape," "Playground (Bass Clarinet)," "The Hunt," "Dark Streets," "YNRH," "Nina Through Glass," "Votto," "Dark Streets (Reprise)," "Downstairs," "Joe's Drive," and "Tree Strings."

You Were Never Really Here the movie is slated for theatrical release on April 6. The film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix, follows the life of a traumatized veteran named Joe who is unafraid of violence. He tracks down missing girls for a living, but his job will eventually spin out of the control.

Who Is Jonny Greenwood?

Greenwood is an English musician and composer. He has written a number of film scores for There Will Be Blood in 2007 and the Phantom Thread this year. The 46-year-old multi-instrumentalist plays the viola, drums, and several other electronic instruments.

Some of the albums he has released include Junun, Bodysong, Inherent Vice, Norwegian Wood OST, OK Computer, A Moon Shaped Pool, Kid A, and more.

His most popular songs include "Creep," "Karma Police," "Fake Plastic Trees," "No Surprises," "High and Dry," "Paranoid Android," "Lift," "Daydreaming," "I Promise," "Street Spirit," "Lotus Flower," "Reckoner," "Exit Music," "Pyramid Song," and more.

Radiohead Guitarist Talks About 'Phantom Thread'

Earlier this year, Greenwood opened up about Phantom Thread and explained how the album came to be.

"We were talking about male grooming, so I told him about Beau Brummell, this regency dandy who spent all his money on his - quite understated - appearance. Brummell used to have visitors every morning coming and watch him prepare for the day by dressing just so. Obsessively putting every item of clothing on, adjusting each detail until it was perfect - and starting again if it wasn't. All this, to a room of spectators," explained Greenwood.

The guitarist said that he also spent so much time finding the right score for Daniel Day-Lewis's character Reynolds. Greenwood said that he imagined what Reynolds would have listened to years ago, and that's how he came up with the music for the album.

He also said that creating music for the Phantom Thread is very different from making a record with his band.

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