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Unearthed Kurt Cobain Interview Reveals What He Thought Of Pre-Dave Grohl Drummers



Kurt Cobain said that every other drummer who played for Nirvana before Dave Grohl arrived on the scene "pretty much sucked."

Mutual Respect

In a recently unearthed interview, the singer-songwriter discussed his admiration of Grohl, who joined the band in 1990.

"Krist [Novoselic] and I have been playing together for about four and a half years now with a few different drummers," Cobain told Studio Brussels. "Dave has been in the band for about a year. This is the first time we've felt like a very definite unit."

Before Grohl, Chad Channing was the drummer of Nirvana. Dale Crover, Dave Foster, Mark Pickerel, and Dan Peters also played with the band, reported NME.

"The band is finally complete because all the other drummers we had pretty much sucked," Cobain added.

The interview happened back in 1991, around the time the band released its second studio album Nevermind. In the never-before-heard audio, Cobain also talked about forming Nirvana, how they create a song, their experience on tour, and their dynamic behind the stage. Studio Brussels, a radio station based in Belgium, rereleased the interview with an added animation to mark the 24th anniversary of Cobain's death this week.

In 1994, the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" singer was found dead in his home in Seattle with a self-inflicted shotgun wound on his head. He was 27 years old.

Remembering Kurt Cobain

Cobain's life and music were celebrated on Thursday, April 5, by his family, his friends, and his fans. His widow, Courtney Love, led the tributes by sharing a photo of the rockstar with their daughter, Frances Bean, as a baby.

Meanwhile, Frances Bean, who is now 25 years old, opted to not be sad. She honored the memory of her father by posting a snippet of the first ever song she wrote.

It was removed from her social media pages shortly after. However, Billboard was able to write down the lyrics, and it has the same beautifully haunting tones similar to her father's works.

"I think I saw you when I was small / I think I found you / A penny for your good thoughts," she sang. "I think I found you / Jesus hangs in your place on the cross / All these hinges became unscrewed / Heaven knows it was a cage on earth."

The surviving members of Nirvana — Grohl and Novoselic — took to Twitter to remember their friend.

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