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Frances Bean Cobain Settles Divorce, Loses Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged Guitar To Ex

After two years, Frances Bean Cobain finally settled her divorce from her ex-husband Isaiah Silva. The young artist will not pay spousal support, but she lost the bid to keep Kurt Cobain's guitar within the family.

Italian Foo Fighters Supergroup Rockin’1000 Announces Show With Courtney Love

Courtney Love just announced her collaboration with Rockin'1000. The show, which will take place in Florence, Italy on July 21, will be the first time for the artists to work together.

WATCH: Courtney Love, Dave Navarro Cover Velvet Underground At Above Ground Benefit Concert

Courtney Love was at the Above Ground benefit concert this week to perform a classic track of The Velvet Underground The event will benefit MusiCares, a charity program under the Recording Academy.

Unearthed Kurt Cobain Interview Reveals What He Thought Of Pre-Dave Grohl Drummers

Nirvana's late frontman Kurt Cobain had so much respect for the Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl. On the anniversary of his death, a never-before-heard interview surfaced on YouTube where he talked about Grohl and the band.

DMX To Reportedly Compensate Tax Evasion Case With $2.3 Million Fine

Rapper DMX was ordered to surrender 10 percent of his monthly gross to be able to pay his $2.3 million debt to the U.S. government. He was also sentenced to one year in prison for tax fraud.

Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison Recruit All-Star Lineup For Mental Health Charity Event

Courtney Love and Billy Idol were among the stars who will perform in Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison 'Above Ground' charity event. The live concert will benefit the Recording Academy's Musicare foundation.

‘Peace, Love, Empathy’: Frances Bean Cobain Opens Up About Being Two Years Sober

Frances Bean Cobain just celebrated her second year of being sober. The 25-year-old model commemorated the milestone with an inspiring post on her Instagram account.

Courtney Love Blasts Music Industry Sexism & Double Standards in New Interview

Courtney Love explains that, no matter how bad sexism in the music industry is these days, she had it much worse throughout her career.

Courtney Love ‘Twibel’ Lawsuit Win Upheld in Appeals Court

In 2014, Courtney Love made history as the first person in the US to go to court over a "Twibel" lawsuit. At the time, a California jury determined the Hole frontwoman should not be held liable for a critical remark she tweeted and deleted about her ...

Courtney Love Delivers Ragged Cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' [WATCH]

Last night (Jan. 5) in Los Angeles, Courtney Love performed a ragged cover of Radiohead's classic song, "Creep," for the those in attendance at a private party, and let's just say that she wasn't as graceful as Thom Yorke.

Linda Perry Holds Star-Studded Party for 'Freeheld' Movie, Celebrities Perform Song Covers

The always notable Courtney Love covered "Creep" by Radiohead at a party for the movie "Freeheld," hosted by Linda Perry. The party had a star-studded attendance list of important names in the industry, including the film's star Ellen Page, Tobey ...

Courtney Love Pens Heartfelt Letter to Kurt Cobain on Christmas [READ]

On Christmas Day (Dec. 25), Courtney Love penned a heartfelt letter to her late once-husband and Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, thanking him for their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and for being her "greatest true love."

Lana Del Rey Talks Courtney Love and Their 'Endless Summer Tour'

The unlikely pairing of moody pop-star, Lana Del Rey, and raw rock Queen, Courtney Love, was widely publicized. Love described it as "the queen of rage and the queen of anguish," playing together for their 'Endless Summer Tour.' It's ironic, as Del ...

AMAs 2015: Justin Bieber Wears Nirvana T-Shirt, Courtney Love Tweets Approval

At last night's 2015 AMAs, Justin Bieber stepped onto the red carpet with an interesting choice of attire, a Nirvana t-shirt which continues the trend of the Metallica t-shirt that he donned on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' a few weeks ago. He casually ...

Kurt Cobain's 'Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings' Release Date Set

Trailing the wide success of the Brett Morgen directed, Kurt Cobain documentary 'Montage of Heck,' the impending documentary soundtrack will boast dozens of home recordings from the late Nirvana front man. The album, 'Kurt Cobain - Montage of Heck: ...

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