Beyoncé returned on the stage of the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for one last performance on Saturday, April 21.

A few days ago, she decided that her second performance will not be streamed live on YouTube. For that reason alone, many festival attendees skipped other performance and head on to the main stage minutes before the 36-year-old singer's set was scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 21. A dancer from the performance also promised that a few changes will be made for the second weekend of Beychella.

While Mrs. Carter delivered the same set as last week with a few minor differences, the performance this weekend was as magical, as historical, and just as powerful.

Beychella Part 2

Cementing her new crown as the Queen of Coachella, the multiple Grammy-winning singer returned onstage last Saturday to sing all of her hits including "Crazy In Love" and "Love On Top." She brought out special guests Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, her sister Solange, and her husband, Jay-Z.

However, her fans were gifted a pleasant surprise when Beyoncé brought out J. Balvin to perform his hit, "Mi Gente."

Another change in this weekend's performance was her now-iconic costumes. Last week, she served five custom ensemble from luxury designer brand Balmain. This weekend, she wore a completely different but equally elegant and high-fashion wardrobe from the French fashion house.

The Rolling Stones also mentioned that one of the differences in this week's performance was Beyoncé herself. The singer was noticeably a little less composed than last week. If her first appearance as a headliner was unfairly criticized for being "too perfect," last Saturday, she came out onstage to enjoy the show.

There even was a small hiccup to her otherwise-flawless performance. When she brought back Solange for a dance-off to "Get Me Bodied," she tried to pick up her little sitter. The both of them, however, fell and rolled onstage before finally picking themselves up and continuing the performance.

Another minor blip was when Beyoncé had to take it upon herself and fix one of the blowing machines onstage when she noticed that it was not pointed at her. The Lemonade star demands perfection, even if she has to do everything by herself.

Achieving Perfection

Beyoncé's Coachella 2018 performance was historical. In the music festival's 19-year history, she was the first black woman to become the headliner.

In addition, her two-hour performance was lauded not only by her legion of fans, but also by music critics and fellow celebrities who attended the even to watch her.

As The New York Times puts it, nothing will ever be a "more meaningful, absorbing, forceful, and radical performance by an American musician this year, or any year soon, than Beyoncé's headlining set at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival."

But this level of perfection was not achieved in just one night. The singer had reportedly 11-hour rehearsals weeks before her appearance at the music event.

Preparations have also been in place since she had to cancel her appearance at last year's Coachella.

Expect the same level of perfection when Beyoncé and Jay-Z kick off their joint tour called "On The Run II" on June 6 in Cardiff.