Jimmy Eat World dropped two new songs on Thursday after a two-year hiatus. The band's upcoming album will feature "Love Never" and "Half Heart."

Music videos for the two songs have also been released. The three-minute clip for "Love Never" opens with footages from the recording studio. Twenty-three seconds into the clip and the lyrics to the song are shown. The visuals for "Love Never" are quite simple. The lyrics of the song are simply written on a white bond paper using a black pen.

The music video for "Half Heart," on the other hand, is quite long and different. It opens with an image of a hand and ocean water. The mellower track does not feature the lyrics of the song in the video.

Jimmy Eat World Music Career

Jimmy Eat World is an American rock band from Mesa, Arizona, that was formed in 1993. The group is made up of Jim Adkins, vocalist and lead guitarist, Tom Linton, rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Rick Burch, bassist, and Zach Lind, drummer.

As of 2016, the band has already released nine studio albums, namely, Integrity Blues, Bleed American, Clarity, Futures, Chase This Light, Static Prevails, Invented, Damage, Believe In What You Want, and Jimmy Eat World.

Jimmy Eat World's latest album, Integrity Blues, featured the songs "You With Me," "Sure and Certain," "It Matters," "Pretty Grids," "Pass the Baby," "Get Right," "You Are Free," "The End Is Beautiful," "Through," "Integrity Blues," and "Pol Roger."

Jim Adkins Talks About 'Integrity Blues'

One day before the release of the band's ninth studio album, Adkins talked about the compilation and said that it was all about taking risks.

"We wanted to shake everything up... As a band, we came to a place where we realized that in order to really grow we needed to check ourselves and check on some of our default responses to musical problems that come up. We've been doing this for so long, and there's good and bad to that," said Adkins.

The frontman also talked about the title track, "Integrity Blues," and said that it is one of his most favorite songs. He said that the song is about coming to terms with all of the things you said you would do in life. This also happens to be a common theme of the entire record.

"The idea of integrity mattering is that you can accept that the best that any of us have is to always be in a state of progress," explained Adkins.