The new era of Babymetal is finally here! The Japanese pop-metal band has released a music video for their new single "Distortion."

New Digital Single

The past couple of weeks have been eventful for fans of the popular metal group. Last month, they released a video announcing the next era and appointing the trio of artists as "the chosen one." Although it did not specifically say the group will release a new album soon, fans assumed that new music is coming their way.

Last month, they also announced a graphic novel titled Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal, which will chronicle the fictional adventures of the band in a world where darkness has taken over. The graphic novel will be released this fall and will be available to fans in the United States through Amazon.

Then last week, they partnered up with 5B Artist Management and Records to establish Babymetal Records. This, however, does not imply that Babymetal will retire from making music and performing live any time soon.

'Distortion' Music Video

On Monday, May 7, they released "Distortion" on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. Similar to their other music videos, it is tinged with a lot of dark colors, including red and blue, and offers dark imageries.

This time, however, it also presents a group of heroes who, in their rather high-fashion dark clothing, face the demons and rid the world of darkness. At the end of the video, the heroes face a firey ball in the sky reminiscent of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings.

This is Babymetal's first new music since the unexpected and unfortunate death of their guitarist, Mikio Fujioka, last year after falling from the observation deck of a building. Fujioka has been touring with Babymetal since 2013.

"The new song 'Distortion' explores the unrevealed dark side, the Apocrypha, the legend of seven metal spirits in which power is distorted through time and space," a press release for "Distortion" read. "The music video of this song presents this unknown side and marks the important beginning of a new legend."

No further details were handed on whether the song will be included in an upcoming album. However, fans will likely hear more details about the next era of Babymetal in the coming months.

Babymetal Tour

The band is heading for a North American and European tour this summer starting on Tuesday, May 8, in Kansas City Missouri. They will also perform in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the European tour will begin at the Rock am Ring 2018 music festival on June 6 in Germany. Tickets are now available via Babymetal's official website.

Watch the music video below.