January 23, 2019 / 8:23 PM

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Metallica Says It’s ‘Still In The Right’ On Copyright Lawsuit Against Napster



Metallica stands by its decision to sue Napster in 2000. The band's guitarist Kirk Hammett said that they are "still in the right" with the copyright lawsuit filed against the online music company.

Almost 20 years after the filing, Hammett said that they actually acted prudently to make sure that they can protect the band's songs.

"The whole Napster thing - it didn't do us any favors whatsoever. But you know what? We're still in the right on that - we're still right about Napster, no matter who's out there who's saying, 'Metallica was wrong,'" said Hammett.

In 2000, the heavy metal band asked Napster to remove its entire catalog. The members of the band also requested that all of the 330,000 users who downloaded Metallica's songs be banned from the music platform.

The band's decision shook up the entire music industry at that time, and a majority of the fans also felt betrayed.

Vinyl Sounds Better Than Streaming

At least one publication expressed its support to Metallica and said that the band was right to protect their songs. After all, music piracy still exists to this very day. Some music streaming sites have also diminished the sound quality of their music.

"There was a time when the streaming thing was kinda weird, and it's not that great of quality - I don't care what anyone sounds about modern streaming, all these 'bits' and whatnot. It's never going to sound better than vinyl," said Hammett.

Metallica's European Tour

In related news, Metallica also made headlines following the release of the band's final performance in Europe. The video was taken by one of Metallica's fans. The two-hour video was filmed on May 11 during the group's concert in Helsinki, Finland.

Some of the songs that Metallica performed at its show include "The Ecstasy of Gold," "Hardwired," "Atlas, Rise!" "Seek & Destroy," "The Four Horsemen," "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," "Now That We're Dead," "Dream No More," "For Whom The Bell Trolls," "Halo On Fire," "Last Caress," "Creeping Death," "Moth Into Flame," "Sad But True," "One," "Master of Puppets," and more.

Metallica will also embark on a stadium tour in Europe next year. The official dates and destinations will be announced sometime this September. The tour is expected to wrap up in August 2019.

The members of the band include guitarist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, drummer, and bass guitarist Robert Trujillo.

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