The 1975 has returned. The four-piece pop rock band recently released a new song titled "Give Yourself A Try" from their upcoming album.

It has been quite some time since the English band has released new music. The band's last album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, dropped way back in 2016.

But, this week, the artists announced A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships due this year.

The 1975 Releases 'Give Yourself A Try'

To herald the new age of The 1975, they also dropped their first single from their upcoming album."Give Yourself A Try" debuted at the BBC Radio 1 on Thursday, May 31.

A new music video directed by Diane Martel also dropped this week. It begins with a therapy session with a teddy bear. It is also interspersed with footage of the band performing inside a mirrored room.

"And what would you say to your younger self/ Growing a beard's quite hard/ And whiskey never starts to taste nice/ And you'll make a lot of money, and it's funny/ 'Cause you'll move somewhere sunny and get addicted to drugs/ And spend obscene amounts on f****** seeds and beans online," frontman and lyricist Matty Healy sings.

"Give Yourself A Try" is The 1975's first original track in the past two years. The band, last year, released a cover of "By Your Side" by Sade and a live album recorded from a show in December 2016.


'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships' And Beyond

Contrary to a previous statement, Healy confirmed that the album would not be called Music For Cars, which was a reference to a 2013 EP. In an interview with Beats 1, shared the reason behind the swift change.

"There is no album called Music For Cars," he said. "The reason I changed my mind is that I realized every writer wants a great ending, right? That's what you want as part of your repertoire."

He did, however, say that Music For Cars is not a title of the album, but an umbrella term for "whatever comes out in this timeframe." He also revealed that he and the rest of the band are also working on a fourth album due to come out in 2019.

"We're doing A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and then I think in May next year we're dropping Notes On A Conditional Form which is a different album," the 29-year-old revealed.

Last year, the singer-songwriter suggested that The 1975 might call it quits after the release of their third album. In a tweet published in June, he said that the band was working on the "final installment of their trilogy of albums."

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is set to come out later this year via Dirty Hit Records.