May 19, 2019 / 3:27 AM

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LISTEN: Shawn Mendes Releases Official World Cup Song For Portugal



Shawn Mendes unveils a new rendition of his hit song, "In My Blood," which is now the official song for Portugal at the World Cup. Some lines in the song are also sung in Portuguese.

The over three-minute black and white music video opens with Mendes standing backstage just before his live performance in Portugal. The athletes from the country are also shown on the screen. Several unnamed personalities also sing lines to "In My Blood."

The theme for Portugal's official World Cup song is similar to the message of Mendes's show, which is to never give up. At one point in the music video, Mendes is seen with his team preparing for his live show. Portugal natives also cheer on the athletes during their game.

Mendes shared a snippet of the "In My Blood" music video with some lines in Portuguese on his social media account. In the clip, the singer said that he believes whatever may happen, Portugal natives can achieve and conquer whatever their heart desires. Mendes also said that Portuguese have one voice and heart.

Portugues Football Foundation Releases Statement

Following the release of the official World Cup song for Portugal, the Portuguese Football Foundation released a statement regarding the message of the track.

"The song aims to inspire Portuguese players and fans for the most media event in the world, which will start on June 14, when Portugal start the competition against Spain on June 15. Son of a Portuguese immigrant from Lagos, Shawn Mendes was born in Canada 19 years ago, but he never hid his emotional connection with his father's country of origin and the National Team," read the statement.

Shawn Mendes Talks About 'In My Blood'

Mendes released "In My Blood" on March 22. The track is featured in his self-titled studio album, Shawn Mendes. Following the song's release, the 19-year-old musician talked about "In My Blood" and said that he is very proud of the track because it talks about his struggles with anxiety.

He explained that the concept of "In My Blood" is about a time in his life when he felt like he wanted to give up but didn't. Mendes also acknowledged the fact that most people have felt the desire to give up at least once in their lives. However, not everyone is open to talking about it, especially in music.

The other songs in Shawn Mendes are "Lost In Japan," "Youth," "Fallin' All In You," "Perfectly Wrong," "Mutual," "Where Were You In The Morning?" and more.

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