Is Twenty One Pilots about to end their hiatus? The band recently sent a cryptic e-mail to fans that might suggest new music.

Twenty One Pilots Awaken From Length Hiatus

After a year of inactivity, the alternative rock band woke up their fanbase on Friday, July 6, with a GIF sent to their inboxes. In the subject line, they wrote, "ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?"

For the rest who are not subscribed to the band's e-mail list, the cryptic message made rounds on social media. It led the fandom, called The Skeleton Clique, really excited hoping for a new release from Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Because the Ohio-born band has not announced the existence of new album or dropped a new single, fans went into sleuthing mode and uncover what Twenty One Pilots have in store for the year.

Last week, fans discovered that a seemingly broken audio from a since-deleted DEMA website features the recognizable voice of Joseph.

The Clique also noticed that the audio's file name is listed as "_ _n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d," which prompted them to look at the dashes. They found that the hiatus ends on July 6, Friday.

As of this writing, no new single has been released. No announcement has also been made.

Twenty One Pilots' New Album

With the band announcing their hiatus a year ago, there is very little information available about their upcoming album, if it even exists at all. However, their fanbase has discovered a few key details from the past couple of months that seem to back the rumors that new music will be dropping soon.

According to NME, two unreleased songs have been registered to the International Standard Recording Code. They are titled "Nico and the Niners" and "Jumpsuit."

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer also tweeted last year that he met Joseph last year. Although they did not disclose the nature of the meeting, some speculate that the "Buddy Holly" singer has collaborated with Twenty One Pilots.

Despite their complete silence in the past year, Twenty One Pilots added a new achievement into their musical resume. The popular alternative duo's previous album, Blurryface became the first to have every single be certified by the Recording Industry Association of America, recorded Forbes.