Indie and folk-rock act The Lumineers made a relaxed listening session of Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" with their at-home performance of "Salt and the Sea," Tuesday evening, April 28.

The Lumineers' founding members, Wesley Schultz on guitar and keyboardist Jeremiah Fraites, Zoomed in to drop by Fallon's latest "At-Home Edition" of his late-night show. Performing from their respective homes, Schultz expressed gratitude from his simple home, a small piano behind him as he started strumming to the song's opening verse, "Could it be I was the one that you held so deep in the night/ On the back staircase you fell to your knees with tears in your eyes."

Fraites accompanied Schultz vocals with soft and droning chords in his keyboards, shifting to a curiously fascinating hook by the refrain. The easy listening session on "The Tonight Show" featured the single from their third studio album, "III," released in April 2019. 


Ho Hey Gloria!

The duo of Fraites and Schultz founded The Lumineers back in 2005 and is currently based around Denver, Colorado. Musician Neyla Pekarek joined the band in 2010, adding her amazing cello and vocals into the mix before leaving in 2018 to pursue a solo career.

They are best known for international hit songs "Ho Hey," "Flowers In Your Hair," "Cleopatra," "Ophelia," and "Life in the City" and have become one of the best-selling touring acts both in the U.S. and in other countries. The Lumineers have also released three albums so far, preceding "III" with the eponymous 2012 album and their highly-successful Cleopatra, which topped the Billboard 200 in 2016.

In a 2012 interview with the American Songwriter, Schultz explained that he usually pens the lyrics and later co-write the song with Fraites, saying that "It's never the same thing with each song."

The Lumineers duo has also recently dropped by National Public Radio (NPR) to perform in the NPR Tiny Desk, which the media org described as "intimate video performances, recorded live at the desk of 'All Songs Considered" host Bob Boilen." Early this month, the duo was with their families, as well as friends and crew, as they performed on the "Tiny Desk."

Schultz and Fraites opened the intimate session with "Gloria," with Fraites taking the drums this time. The six-people ensemble performed hits on from their latest album, including "Leader of the Landslide" and "Salt and the Sea."

Quarantine Humor from Fallon and Gervais

Last night's episode of "The Tonight Show" also featured a fun interview with British comedian Ricky Gervais. The comedians went through Gervais' new haircut for the quarantine and his preference for the video conferencing app Zoom, where he said that he doesn't "need to sit anywhere near you," pointing to Fallon. He adds that he doesn't "have to get dressed up," joking that he was naked from the waist down. 

The late-night show host asked if Ricky Gervais was fully stocked and if he has all his supplies in the middle of quarantine. Gervais responded by claiming that he "always got enough booze in the house for a nuclear winter," saying that the quarantine isn't any different.

"As long as I got booze, I don't care about toilet paper," Gervais quipped.