(Photo: Facebook/@PropertyBrothers)
Michael Bublé and “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott surprises Minette, the caretaker with the gift of a renovated home.

A dose of positivity and selfless service can go a very long way. Michael Bublé hugely paid it forward by surprising his grandfather's Filipino caretaker with a very memorable gift. It was the dying wish of the old man - to give his own house to her.

On Monday's episode of "Celebrity IOU," HGTV's latest hit series starring Drew and Jonathan Scott of "Property Brothers," featured how the duo fulfilled the dream with the help of the Michael Bublé. The famous Scott Brothers led the renovation of the singer's grandfather's five-decade-old home for Minette, the Filipino health worker.

Minette took care of Demetrio, Bublé's grandfather for eight years before his passing. She became close to the family especially to the late grandfather who grew fond of her. Demetrio was not in favor of hiring a nurse to look over him. But when he came to know Minette, who was full of life and with her selfless service, humor, and compassion, the two soon became close friends as well to the rest of the family.

Bublé was very much hands-on with the remodeling project. He said of the house that his own grandfather built it "with his own two hands" in the '70s. Being close to the old man when he was young, the Canadian singer recalled growing up here with his love for music - from the songs he learned and the music style he learned to love. He shared that the greatest moments of his life happened in his Grandpa's home.

The family of the singer decided to gift it to Minette so it would stay close to them. Besides, the caretaker sent back a major portion of her earnings to her family residing in the Philippines. They wanted her to have the house so she will no longer have to pay monthly rental fees.

Bublé said that Minette "never does anything for herself." He said that his grandfather would "be thrilled knowing we could lessen her burden a little bit." His grandfather hoped that Monette could live in his home.  

Renovating the house

The singer-songwriter wanted to remodel the home before turning it over to the Filipino. The house has not been renovated for several years and so he partnered closely with the brothers to update the place. They focused on the entryway, the kitchen, and the living room, where the Bublés spent most of the time for their socialization. The singer took on the dirty work from the demolition to the moving of the new furniture.  

With Michael going on tour for the majority of the renovation, he was pleasantly surprised when he saw the transformation. The swooner said that when he walked in "I was genuinely, absolutely blown away."

Surprising Minette   

Bublé called on Minette to come and said they will be filming her for a documentary. The singer surprised her during the renovation reveal that the house was a gift to her. When she heard the good news, she immediately broke down in tears.  

Minette was amazed at the beautiful transformation and was full of gratefulness for the precious gift. She took notice of the changed fireplace and joked the singer that "your Grandpa's gonna kill you." Bublé believed that his grandpa would be so happy and said that giving the home to Minette "would have been his dream."