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Eminem posted his phone number on social media for his multiple fans to send him a text. On May 25, the Detroit rapper wrote " 'Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy' text me ill hit you back." He then indicated the phone number 333-666-7640.


The message, on his Instagram and Twitter pages further indicated the hashtags #MMLP20 and #DearSlim. MMLP is none other than "Marshall Mathers LP" which is celebrating the album's 20th anniversary this year. The same invitation to text Eminem's number is also on his official website to get first access to MMLP20 music and anniversary collection drops.

The Real Slim Shady, along with the caption on IG and Twitter shared a snippet of "Stan" which forms part of the iconic album. "Dear Stan..." wording is part of the rapper's hip-hop track which also featured English singer-songwriter, Dido.

The song "Stan" is a story about an obsessed fan named Stanley "Stan" Mitchell who writes several letters to his idol, Slim Shady. The biggest fan, as he claimed, grew angry when his letters were unanswered. The lingo "stan" was born out of this song which later on became an official searchable word in the dictionary.

"Marshall Mathers LP" was dropped on May 23, 2000, and topped the Billboard 200 Albums chart on June 10, 2000. It lingered on the No. 1 rank for eight weeks. The album remained on the board for 171 weeks.

As a form of celebration, the "Rap God" Eminem will be hosting a virtual MMLP20 Listening Party on May 27, Wednesday where the stans are invited to chat with him. He will also be answering questions from the fans during the live session. Time is indicated as "TBD" - that is why you have to text him.

Marshall Mathers LP

Eminem's third studio album contains 18-tracks which arrived after the highly successful LP "Slim Shady" that dropped in February 1999. The "Marshall Mathers LP" (which came from his real name) was the rapper's angry response to his sudden fame where his songs lashed out at his critics, the media even several celebrities. The reluctant Eminem soon became known as America's rebellious superstar.

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Though the album was anchored on his angst, it was considered as one of the most critically acclaimed hip-hop albums of all time. It became the fastest-selling album in rap history in 2000. On its debut, the LP immediately posted almost 1.8 million sold copies just in the first week alone. Furthermore, it is listed as one of the nine rap LPs that are diamond-certified by the RIAA.

The 70-minute album has the following tracklist:

  1. Public Announcement 2000

  2. K*** You

  3. Stan - feat. Dido

  4. Paul (skit) - feat. Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg

  5. Who Knew

  6. Steve Berman - feat. Steve Berman

  7. The Way I Am

  8. The Real Slim Shady

  9. Remember Me? - feat. RBX, Sticky Fingers

  10. I'm Back

  11. Marshall Mathers

  12. Ken Kaniff (skit)

  13. Drug Ballad

  14. Amityville - feat. Bizarre

  15. Bitch Please II - feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Xzibit, Nate Dogg

  16. Kim

  17. Under the Influence - feat. D12

  18. Criminal

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