In the middle of protests, people have petitioned for their idols to replace the confederate statues. They clamor for Britney Spears statues in Louisiana, and GWAR's Oderus Urungus in Virginia.

The two separate petitions follow the protests that have swept the country. Protesters have started taking down statues and memorials across the country. Following George Floyd's death, protests have spread all over the US, resulting in looting and marches. Now, people started taking down statues connected to colonialism and slavery.

Last Wednesday, June 10, a monument of Christopher Columbus was toppled in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Similar statues of Columbus in Boston, Virginia, and Miami have been filled with graffiti.

Oderus Urungus Called Richmond, VA His Home

An online petition has made the rounds on the Internet. This petition is to replace the monuments of Confederate leader Robert E. Lee. In the appeal, people call for a memorial of Oderus Urungus to replace Lee's in Richmond, Virginia. GWAR is a heavy metal collective founded in 1984. The group is known for its monstrous stage costumes. Richmond is also the band's hometown.

Oderus Urungus was the on-stage persona of David Brockie. He played bass and sang lead vocals from GWAR's formation in 1984 up until he died in 2014.

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The character's backstory is previously posted on the band's website. In the site, the fictional Oderus Urungus is a 50-billion year world being. His father was a supercomputer, and his mother was a petri dish.

User "GWAR Scumdog" started the petition. It described Robert E. Lee as "a failed war general that supported a racist cause." The request grieved their city, displaying statues of Lee and "other loser civil war veterans."

It defended Oderus Urungus as the rightful replacement. "While Oderus comes from the planet Scumdogia, he called Richmond his home," the statement said. It added that Urungus worked with the local art community. He employed local artists and ladies of the night.

The petition also urged people to donate to Richmond COVID-19 Arts and Culture Relief Fund. Richmond's local nonprofit aims to help artists affected by the pandemic. As of this writing, the petition now has 35,000 signatures out of its 50,000 targets.

Britney Spears, The Real Louisiana Queen and Hero 

On the other hand, Kassie Thibodeaux started a similar petition on Friday, June 12. Her appeal called for Britney Spears statues to replace Confidential monuments in Louisiana. The petition urged to "replace the confederate statues with an actual Louisiana hero and influential human being, Britney Spears."

The petition began with the pop legend's humble beginnings. Britney grew up in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana. The petition argued that Britney is not only talented. She also has a strong character. 

Britney was also lauded in the petition. She overcame her publicized mental breakdown. It also noted how the singer continuously worked towards improving herself.

"She's an inspiration to millions," the petition added.

Thibodeaux also declared that Spears made a lot of contributions in her career. The petition then listed "a few examples" of the star's charitable efforts to her home state. It included The Britney Spears Foundation. This foundation raised $585,000 last 2006 for people affected by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane heavily hit Louisiana. Damages reached about $125 billion worth in New Orleans alone.

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"She's already earned her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, and now it's time for her home state to honor her with the tribute that she deserves," the petition demanded. It now has 9.8K signatures out of its 10,000 targets.