Living in a fast-paced world makes the twenty-four hours feel like it's no longer enough. Throw in the social distancing protocols and shelter-in-place orders, and we have an inherently stressful environment to live in.

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The vast choices available in the Information Age also mean that there is a place for you to unwind somewhere. Leave your worries behind and relax with these short videos. To start your next detox session, here are the top three most relaxing music on YouTube you can play in four minutes or less:

Relaxing 360 Space Flight - Space Engine - 4K

Scientifically speaking, we shouldn't hear anything in space because sound has no medium to travel through. But that doesn't stop this video from being both impressive and relaxing. Listen to the orchestral accompaniment that gives depth to the infinite vastness of space. The ambiance lets you drift away with its relaxing music and high-resolution graphics.

A great reminder of how trivial our worries might be in comparison to this sprawling darkness, the music comes with a fitting video in this 3:44 adventure. Its 4K resolution allows you to view the landscapes of other planets in a 360 view.

The video was uploaded by Time Capsule 360 on June 18, 2017. Three years later, it remains the most viewed relaxing video with 3.3 million views and close to a hundred thousand likes.


Relaxing Music: Sleep Sounds

Sometimes, less is more. That is the adage brought to life by this "Sleep Sounds" video. In only one minute and eleven seconds, the soft harp and a piano serve as the backbone of this relaxing music. It also comes with soothing scenes of nature we all probably missed in the city's concrete jungles.

Uploaded in the Relax & Sleep Nature Sounds YouTube channel, it has garnered close to half a million views. It now has exactly 458,248 plays since it was first put online in November 2017. 

In its caption, it notes that "relaxing music is ideal for fatigue, stress, insomnia and sore nerves." It also mentioned that music such as these "Sleep Sounds" helps in studying, meditation, and sleeping. The music used in the relaxing video is "You Come To Me Quiet As Rain Not Yet Fallen" by Cis Minor.


BIG SUR IN 4K: "I Can See The Light" Nature Relaxation Music Video Travis Revell

Big Sur is the long and rugged California coastline famous for its winding turns and breathtaking seaside cliffs. In this video from Nature Relaxation Films, a compilation of these natural wonders fill the 3:13 video. Its montage of picturesque views is enough to take your mind off of things and make you want to take a drive down good old Big Sur.

A piece of equally relaxing music accompanies rustling leaves and crashing waves. The instrumental, "I Can See the Light" by Travis Revell, is a solemn piece of work that brings to mind images of cliffs overlooking the ocean. Sharp-eyed music fans might get a glimpse of Yiruma's "River Flows In You," though sped up in some sections of the music.


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