Harry Styles summer-feeling song "Watermelon Sugar" just peaked at the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100. This marks the former One Direction member's first song to reach number one in the US. His other song "Adore You" got to the number two spot last July.

The song is included in his second studio album "Fine Line" and is the second track from the album.

Styles wrote the song alongside Mitch Rowland and it was produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon. The title is derived from the American novel "In Watermelon Sugar," written by Richard Brautigan in 1968.

The song combines elements of indie pop, funk-pop, and rock with guitar and horns as the prevailing instruments.

He launched the "Watermelon Sugar" an hour before he performed it on Saturday Night Live. This surprised many of his fans.

Harry Styles'
(Photo : Harry Styles - YouTube)
The music video for the song was uploaded last May 18, 2020 on Harry Styles' official YouTube channel. It features Harry Styles and sexy women in bikinis, eating fruits and playing on a beach in Malibu, California. It invokes the feeling of 80's style summer afternoon, the theme that directors Bradley & Pablo were going for. It now has 80m views, 2.9m likes, and 144k comments.

Aside from the official music video, Styles also uploaded two related videos.

One is a "Behind the Scenes" footage and was uploaded last July 31, 2020. It garnered close to three million views, 400k likes, and 20k comments.

The other upload is a "Lost Tour Visual" video which features photos the artist moving in a kaleidoscope pattern. It premiered last August 3, 2020 and now has 1.2m views, 300k likes, and 18k comments. The uploads, especially the most recent one, may have helped in boosting "Watermelon Sugar" to the top spot.

Harry Styles is not the only One Direction member to hit number one. In 2016, Zayn also did the same with his debut solo "Pillowtalk."