"The Boys" Season 2 has finally made a superhero landing on Amazon Prime. The series is a satire take on the current obsession for super-powered individuals brought about by characters from Marvel and DC's superhero films.

In the program, a group of misfits called "The Boys" turned vigilante to punish "Supes" or superheroes who abuse their powers. On the other end are a group of superhuman individuals who are not as righteous or innocent as the media or the fans make them out to be. They are backed by American company Vought International that is corrupt and manipulative, but the general population is unaware.

In season one, the two sides have been fighting the other side as well as among themselves. "The Boys" band together to stop the "Supes," who is slowly aware of their presence and can annihilate the vigilantes within seconds. While this is happening, both groups have conflicting agendas and politics among themselves that mess them up as a team.

What made season one appealing are the disarming violence, shocking twists, and unpredictable humor. Anthony Starr's performance as Homelander, an apparent reference to Captain America and Superman, brought some of the terrifying moments in the show - especially with how unfazed he is with the way he treated civilians to further his agenda. Karl Urban and Jack Quaid, playing Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell respectively, also made "The Boys" enjoyable with their constant disagreements and indecisions.

Now in season two, Aya Cash comes in as "Supes" newcomer Stormfront and Vought president Giancarlo Esposito. Though Esposito already appeared in season one, these two will undoubtedly shake the dynamics in the team and make the season more fascinating. With the trailers to go by, it appears Stormfront is going to get on Homelander's nerves a couple of times. Some reviewers also suggest that this season is darker and more intense.

The Boys Season 2 Only 3 Episodes? Full Schedule Here
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Season Two is scheduled to have eight episodes, with three already out on Amazon Prime. Episode 4 will be out on September 11, Episode 5, on September 18, Episode 6, on September 25, Episode 7, on October 2, and the final Episode 8 on October 9.

With the success of Season One and the release of Season Two, Amazon decided to renew "The Boys" for a third season. The streaming service also created a show that focuses on discussions regarding the superhero web series. This is most likely done to build more hype or meet the attention the show is getting.

While many say that "The Boys" is in danger of the saturation brought about by the surge of superhero films and series, this show is a fresh look at how most fans blindly see their idols. Never has "never meet your heroes" rang more accurately than in this fantastic Amazon series.

"The Boys" is inspired by the comic book series of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Some characters were modified or omitted to fit the web series format and be on board with the current political climate.