It is rumored that Pedro Pascal left while shooting half of season two of The Mandalorian. Star Wars is no stranger to drama, and there appears to be one in this series of the same universe. This time, the tension happened behind the scenes during production.

A few weeks ago, a rumor circulated that the team is having problems with the backstage. Now, the hit Disney Plus series looks like they are having trouble with their leading man. Pascal, who played Oberyn Martell in HBO hit series Game of Thrones, allegedly stormed out of the studio. It is also possible that he may no longer be coming back. An insider shared details of the problematic production of the Star Wars TV series. While shooting scenes for the second season, Pascal shot some scenes without the iconic helmet and wanted to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, the creative team preferred that the actor keep the mask on while filming. This is because The Mandalorian character is never the gear on, and it is part of his enigmatic demeanor. The Game of Thrones actor felt uncomfortable wearing the suit, and the team noticed that he was starting to become "difficult" to work with.

Rumor: The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal Stormed Out While Filming Star Wars Series
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This behind-the-scenes drama was starting to unfold as Pascal felt the creative team making him wear the outfit was holding him back. According to sources, he went to the higher-ups to convince them to allow him to shoot scenes without the Mandalorian suit. The series star thought this was possible because he got some screen-time off the suit.

When Pascal attempted to approach Lucasfilm, the Mandalorian creative team dismissed him with:

"You know what, you should just go."

It appears that the leading star did that. The current situation is that both sides were pretty upset with how things turned out. On top of this behind-the-scenes tension, Lucasfilm was supposedly making interventions in some details for the season 2 of the Mandalorian. Last but not the least, it appears that the series is going for standalone format for each episode instead of making them all connected like in season 1. The Mandalorian creative team was already having their hands full because of these changes.