Just recently after releasing their recent album, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) teased their fans about their first-ever English single. As reported by Bandwagon Asia, the details about the promotion include their upcoming music video, a TikTok post dedicated to it, and appearances on shows.

The five-member boy South Korean boy band brought to Social Media the announcements for their upcoming latest single.

TXT Announces Release Date for 'Magic' of their New Era 'FREEZE Album'

Last June 6, the five-member South Korean boy band released an announcement revealing an upcoming music video as well as other promotional events and materials for their newest single "Magic" which is the third track from their newest album "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE."

The album also features various collaborations with other famous artists such as Alex Hope, Seori, MOD SUN, Ashnokko, and BTS' RM. For some tracks in the "FREEZE" album, the members of TXT had their own writing credits.

The official release date for the "Magic" music video will be on June 11 at 1PM, KST, which means it will be 11AM for JKT and 12 AM EST. Fans are pumped with various promotional shenanigans by TXT for their first-ever English single.

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TXT Brings to Social Media and American TV Shows Promotion on 'Magic

They've also announced that they will be having a performance on the English song on "Good Morning America" on June 10, 8PM KST, as well as an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on June 15, 1:37 PM KST. They have posted their announcements on their official Twitter page as seen below:

Aside from the music video and promotional appearances, TXT also announced some social media appearances. The group announced that they will be having a TikTok event dedicated to "Magic" entitled #Magic_Moves. The TikTok event will be launched on June 19. Previously, the group also launched a TikTok event last February entitled #BeMyValentine.

They've also just recently dropped an Instagram and Facebook filter last June 7 for the new English single. The group seemingly utilizes their large fan base on social media as a tool to hype up their followers for their latest updates.

Their new English single 'Magic' is one of the 8 tracks in their special album "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze."As their first English single, it marks a new era for the group. The already-popular South Korean boy band has garnered international attention with the promotion of their upcoming English single and will continue to have as the release date draws closer.

The five-member South Korean group is a boy band under the management of Big Hit Music. The group consists of well-loved members, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai.

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